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How To Join LVGSL F. A. Q.s

How To Join LVGSL

Q: I've never played softball, am I welcome?

A: YES!! We welcome brand new players and love teaching them the sport. You'll learn to play a fun game, get to be outdoors, and meet some great folks as LVGSL is an excellent way to meet new people in the LGBT community. 

Q: How do I join LVGSL?

A: Register with our league via this website, and make plans to attend one of our  Player Rating Clinics. Clinic dates and times will be posted to the league schedule when they are determined. They're usually two weeks prior to the start of each season.

Q: Do I have to attend a Player Rating Clinic?

A: No, it is highly encourage that new players attend one of our clinics; however, you can also practice with an established team as well.  Attending a clinic will place you in our draft and ensure you get placed on a team.

Q: Where and when are the Clinics?

A: Player Rating Clinics are free to attend. Dates and times are announced at the start of each year. At the clinic, you will meet members of our board, meet our coaches, and we will help you locate a team. Be sure to wear athletic clothing and bring a softball glove. Metal cleats are not allowed, please wear rubber ones. 

Q: When does the season start?

A: LGVSL has two seasons per year: spring and fall. Our spring season starts in February each year ending in late May, and our fall season typically starts in September and ends in November or early December.

Q: When and where are games played?

A: Game will be played at Sunset Park, Doc Romeo, Warm Springs, and/or Lorenzi Park.  Exact locations will be published once the league receives confirmation from the City of Las Vegas and Clark County Parks and Recreation. Games are played on Sundays between 9 am-4 pm. 

Q: When is practice?

A: LVGSL does not schedule team practices as those are up to each individual team. Some teams practice once or twice a week and others may not practice at all. When we introduce you to our coaches, you can ask them for more details about their teams.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Spring Season is $65 and Fall is $35. Those who play in the spring get to play in the fall for free. 

Q: How do I find a team?

A: After you register you will be added to the email list for that season. We will send out information about Player Rating clinics, usually held 2-3 weeks before a season starts, where you can find a team. We will do our best to place every player who attends the clinics on a team.  At the clinics, we will introduce you to our coaches and you can chat with them about their teams, tell us what you are looking for in a team, and get matched up to play! 

Q: How competitive is the league?

A: Our league has seven divisions of play. A, B, C, D, E, Women's Upper, and Women's Lower. The A division is our most competitive level of play and has our most experienced players; E is our division for those who want a more recreational level of play or are beginners, and B, C, D, is in between. A, B, C, D, and E are open divisions, meaning men and/or women can be on the roster. They do not follow co-ed rules but instead use NAGAAA modified softball rules. Our Women's Divisions are great for any women who prefer to play using a women's ball and not play against men.

Q: What do I need to play?

A: You'll need turf shoes or cleats (no metal spikes), a softball glove, appropriate sports attire, and a desire to have fun! Most teams will have a selection of bats to use that are owned by the players, so you can wait until you start playing before investing in your own. But, if you do buy a bat, it must be USA/ASA approved. 

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